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Verb: designate  'de-zig,neyt
  1. Assign a name or title to
    - denominate
  2. Allocate a task to a person
    - delegate, depute, assign
  3. Make clear (e.g. with a sign) which place, direction, person, or thing; either spatially or figuratively
    "he designated his opponents";
    - indicate, point, show
  4. Decree or designate beforehand
    "She was designated to become a great pianist";
    - destine, fate, doom
  5. Design or destine
    - intend, destine, specify
Adjective: designate  'de-zig,neyt
  1. Appointed but not yet installed in office

Derived forms: designated, designates, designating

See also: incoming

Type of: appoint, charge, inform, ordain, plan

Encyclopedia: Designate