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Adjective: appointed  u'poyn-tid
  1. Subject to appointment
    - appointive
  2. Selected for a job
    "the one appointed for guard duty"
  3. Fixed or established especially by order or command
    "at the time appointed";
    - decreed, ordained, prescribed
  4. Provided with furnishing and accessories (especially of a tasteful kind)
    "a house that is beautifully appointed"
Verb: appoint  u'poynt
  1. Create and charge with a task or function
    "appoint a committee";
    - name, nominate, constitute
  2. Assign a duty, responsibility or obligation to
    "He was appointed deputy manager";
    - charge
  3. Furnish
    "a beautifully appointed house"

See also: assigned, equipped, furnished, nominated, nominative, nonelected, nonelective, non-elective, settled

Type of: constitute, equip, establish, fit, fit out, found, institute, outfit, plant

Antonym: elected

Encyclopedia: Appointed