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Adjective: prescribed  pri'skrIbd
  1. Set down as a rule or guide
  2. Fixed or established especially by order or command
    "at the time prescribed";
    - appointed, decreed, ordained
  3. Conforming to set usage, procedure, or discipline
    "in prescribed order";
    - official
  4. Formally laid down or imposed
    "prescribed laws";
    - positive
Verb: prescribe  pri'skrIb
  1. Issue commands or orders for
    - order, dictate
  2. Suggest, order or authorize (a drug or medical device) for use by a particular patient
    "It's important to diagnose before you prescribe"

See also: formal, nonarbitrary, regular, settled, unarbitrary

Type of: bring down, impose, inflict, obtrude, visit

Encyclopedia: Prescribe