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Adjective: ill (iller,illest)  il
  1. Affected by an impairment of normal physical or mental function
    "ill from the monotony of his suffering";
    - sick
  2. Resulting in suffering or adversity
    "ill effects"; "it's an ill wind that blows no good"
  3. Distressing
    "ill manners"; "of ill repute"
  4. Indicating hostility or enmity
    "you certainly did me an ill turn"; "ill feelings"; "ill will"
  5. Presaging ill fortune
    "ill omens"; "ill predictions";
    - inauspicious, ominous
Adverb: ill  il
  1. In a poor or unsatisfactory manner; not well
    "he was ill prepared"; "it ill befits a man to betray old friends"; "ill-fitting clothes"; "an ill-conceived plan";
    - badly, poorly
  2. Unfavourably or with disapproval
    "tried not to speak ill of the dead";
    - badly
  3. With difficulty or inconvenience; scarcely or hardly
    "we can ill afford to buy a new car just now"
Noun: ill  il
  1. An often persistent bodily disorder or disease; a cause for complaining
    - ailment, complaint
  2. That which causes harm, destruction or misfortune
    - evil
  3. A source of difficulty
    - trouble, problem, prob [informal]
Contraction: I'll  I(-u)l
  1. I shall; I will
Noun: Ill.
  1. A midwestern state in north-central United States
    - Illinois, Prairie State, Land of Lincoln, IL

Derived forms: iller, illest, ills

See also: afflicted, aguish, ailing, air sick, airsick, autistic, bad, bedfast, bedrid [non-standard], bedridden, bilious, bronchitic, carsick, consumptive, convalescent, crook [Austral, NZ, informal], delirious, diabetic, dizzy, dyspeptic, faint, feverish, feverous, funny, giddy, gouty, green, grotty [Brit, informal], hallucinating, harmful, hostile, hungover, indisposed, laid low, laid up, light, lightheaded, light-headed, liverish, livery, milk-sick, nauseated, nauseous, off-colour [Brit, informal], out of sorts [informal], palsied, paralysed [Brit, Cdn], paralytic, paralyzed [N. Amer], paraplegic, peaked, poorly, queasy, rachitic, recovering, rickety, scrofulous, seasick, seedy [archaic], sick, sick-abed, sickish, sickly, sneezy, spastic, stricken, swooning, tubercular, tuberculous, under the weather [informal], unfit, unhealed, unhealthy, unpropitious, unwell, upset, vertiginous, woozy [informal]

Type of: American state, bad, badness, difficultness, difficulty, disorder, fix [informal], hole [informal], jam [informal], kettle of fish [informal], mess [informal], muddle [informal], pickle [informal], upset

Antonym: well

Part of: America, middle west, Midwest, midwestern United States, the States, U.S., U.S.A., United States, United States of America, US, USA

Encyclopedia: Ill, France