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Adjective: sick (sicker,sickest)  sik
  1. Affected by an impairment of normal physical or mental function
    "sick from the monotony of his suffering";
    - ill
  2. Feeling nausea; feeling about to vomit
    - nauseated, nauseous, queasy, sickish
  3. Affected with madness or insanity
    - brainsick, crazy, demented, disturbed, mad, unbalanced, unhinged
  4. Having a strong distaste from surfeit
    "sick of it all"; "sick to death of flattery"; "gossip that makes one sick";
    - disgusted, fed up, sick of, tired of
  5. (of light) lacking in intensity or brightness; dim or feeble
    "the sick stars";
    - pale, pallid, wan
  6. Deeply affected by a strong feeling
    "sat completely still, sick with envy"; "she was sick with longing"
  7. Shockingly repellent; inspiring horror
    "sick wounds";
    - ghastly, grim, grisly, gruesome, macabre
  8. [N. Amer] (informal) brilliant; very good
    - storming [Brit], blinding [Brit], stonking [Brit], brill [Brit], wicked, cushty [Brit], ace, def, magic [Brit], smokin', smoking, super
Noun: sick  sik
  1. People who are sick
    "they devote their lives to caring for the sick"
  2. [Brit] The matter ejected in vomiting
    - vomit, vomitus, barf, vom [informal]
Verb: sick  sik
  1. Eject the contents of the stomach through the mouth
    - vomit, vomit up, purge, cast, cat, be sick, disgorge, regorge, retch, barf, spew, spue [archaic], chuck, upchuck [N. Amer], honk, regurgitate, throw up, hurl, keck, vom [informal], chuck up [Brit], boak [UK, dialect], chunder [Brit], boke [UK, dialect]

Sounds like: shore, sure, pshaw, si

Derived forms: sicking, sicked, sicks, sickest, sicker

See also: affected, afflicted, aguish, ailing, air sick, airsick, alarming, amazeballs [non-standard, informal], autistic, awesome [informal], beaut [Austral, NZ], bedfast, bedrid [non-standard], bedridden, beezer [UK, archaic], bilious, bronchitic, carsick, consumptive, convalescent, crook [Austral, NZ], delirious, diabetic, displeased, dizzy, dyspeptic, excellent, faint, fantabulous, feverish, feverous, first-class, funny, giddy, gouty, green, hallucinating, indisposed, insane, laid low, laid up, light, lightheaded, light-headed, liverish, livery, milk-sick, moved, off-colour [Brit], out of sorts, palsied, paralysed [Brit, Cdn], paralytic, paralyzed [N. Amer], paraplegic, peaked, poorly, rachitic, recovering, rickety, scrofulous, seasick, seedy, sick-abed, sickly, sneezy, spastic, splendid, stirred, stricken, swooning, top-drawer, touched, tubercular, tuberculous, under the weather, unfit, unhealed, unhealthy, unwell, upset, vertiginous, weak, woozy

Type of: body waste, egest, eliminate, excrement, excreta, excrete, excretion, excretory product, pass, people

Encyclopedia: Sick, Sick, Sick