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Adjective: indisposed  ,in-di'spowzd
  1. Somewhat ill, feeling or being in bad health
    "feeling a bit indisposed today";
    - ailing, peaked, poorly, sickly, unwell, under the weather [informal], seedy [archaic], off-colour [Brit, informal], out of sorts [informal], grotty [Brit, informal], crook [Austral, NZ, informal]
  2. (usually followed by 'to') strongly opposed
    "clearly indisposed to grant their request";
    - antipathetic, antipathetical, averse, loath, loth
Verb: indispose  ,in-di'spowz
  1. Make unwilling
    - disincline
  2. Make unfit or unsuitable
    - disqualify, unfit
  3. Cause to feel unwell
    "She was indisposed"

See also: disinclined, ill, sick

Type of: alter, change, determine, influence, modify, mold [N. Amer], mould [Brit, Cdn], regulate, shape

Antonym: dispose