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Adjective: opposed  u'powzd
  1. Being in opposition or having an opponent
    "two bitterly opposed schools of thought"
Verb: oppose  u'powz
  1. Be against; express opposition to
    "We oppose the ban on abortion"
  2. Fight against or resist strongly
    "The senator said he would oppose the bill";
    - fight, fight back, fight down, defend, dispute
  3. Contrast with equal weight or force
    - counterbalance
  4. Set into opposition or rivalry
    - pit, match, play off
  5. Act against or in opposition to
    - react
  6. Be resistant to
    "The board opposed his motion";
    - controvert, contradict

Sounds like: opposes, appposed, a

See also: conflicting

Type of: act, argue, confront, contend, contrast, counterpoint, debate, face, fence, fight, move, rebut, refute, struggle

Antonym: unopposed

Encyclopedia: Oppose