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Verb: defend  di'fend
  1. Argue or speak in defence of
    "She defended the motion to strike";
    - support, fend for
  2. Be on the defensive; act against an attack
  3. Protect against a challenge or attack
    "defend that position behind the trees!";
    - guard, hold
  4. Fight against or resist strongly
    "Don't defend it!";
    - fight, oppose, fight back, fight down, dispute
  5. Protect or fight for as a champion
    - champion
  6. Be the defence counsel for someone in a trial
    "Ms. Smith will defend the defendant";
    - represent
  7. State or assert
    "He defended his innocence";
    - maintain

Derived forms: defending, defends, defended

Type of: affirm, argue, back, endorse, fight, indorse, keep, plump for, plunk for, prevent, protect, reason, struggle, support

Antonym: assail

Encyclopedia: Defend