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Noun: opposition  ,ó-pu'zi-shun
  1. The action of opposing something that you disapprove or disagree with
    "despite opposition from the newspapers he went ahead";
    - resistance
  2. The relation between opposed entities
    - oppositeness
  3. The act of hostile groups opposing each other
    "the invaders encountered stiff opposition";
    - confrontation
  4. A contestant that you are matched against
    - opponent, opposite
  5. A body of people united in opposing something
  6. A direction opposite to another
  7. (military) an armed adversary (especially a member of an opposing military force)
    "a soldier must be prepared to kill his oppositions";
    - enemy, foe, foeman [archaic]
Noun: Opposition  ,ó-pu'zi-shun
  1. The major political party opposed to the party in office and prepared to replace it if elected
    "Her Majesty's loyal opposition"

Derived forms: oppositions

Type of: action, adversary, antagonist, body, contestant, direction, opponent, opposer, party, political party, relation, resistance, resister

Part of: enemy

Encyclopedia: Opposition