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Adjective: blinding  blIn-ding
  1. Shining intensely
    "blinding headlights";
    - blazing, dazzling, fulgent, glaring, glary
  2. [Brit] (informal) brilliant; very good
    "a blinding good read";
    - storming [Brit], stonking [Brit], brill [Brit], wicked, cushty [Brit], ace, def, magic [Brit], smokin', smoking, super, sick [N. Amer]
Verb: blind  blInd
  1. Render unable to see
  2. Make blind by putting the eyes out
    "The criminals were punished and blinded"
  3. Make dim by comparison or conceal
    - dim

See also: amazeballs [Brit, non-standard, informal], awesome [Brit, informal], beaut [Brit, Austral, NZ], beezer [Brit, archaic], bright, excellent [Brit], fantabulous [Brit], first-class [Brit], ripping [Brit], splendid [Brit], top-drawer [Brit]

Type of: alter, change, darken, modify

Encyclopedia: Blinding

Blind, Education of the