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Adjective: bright (brighter,brightest)  brIt
  1. Having strong or striking colour
    "bright dress";
    - brilliant, vivid
  2. Emitting or reflecting light readily or in large amounts
    "the sun was bright and hot"; "a bright sunlit room"
  3. Characterized by quickness and ease in learning
    "some children are brighter in one subject than another";
    - smart
  4. Having lots of light either natural or artificial
    "the room was bright and airy"; "a stage bright with spotlights"
  5. Made smooth and bright by or as if by rubbing; reflecting a sheen or glow
    "bright silver candlesticks";
    - burnished, lustrous, shining, shiny
  6. Splendid
    "the bright stars of stage and screen"; "a bright moment in history"; "the bright pageantry of court"
  7. Clear and sharp and ringing
    "the bright sound of the trumpet section";
    - brilliant
  8. Characterized by happiness or gladness
    "bright faces"; "all the world seems bright and gay"
  9. Likely to turn out well in the future
    "had a bright future in publishing";
    - hopeful, promising
  10. Not made dim or less bright
    "bright headlights";
    - undimmed
Adverb: bright  brIt
  1. With brightness
    "the windows glowed jewel bright";
    - brilliantly, brightly

Derived forms: brighter, brightest

See also: agleam, aglitter [literary], aglow, ardent, auspicious, beadlike, beady, beaming, beamy, blazing, blinding, bright as a new penny, brightness, brightness level, brilliant, buttonlike, buttony, colorful [US], colourful [Brit, Cdn], coruscant [literary], coruscating, dazzling, effulgent [literary], fulgent [literary], fulgid [literary], glaring, glary, gleaming, glimmering, glimmery, glinting, glistening, glistering [archaic], glittering, glittery, glorious, glossy, happy, intelligent, iridescent, irradiant [literary], lambent, light, lucent, luminance, luminosity, luminous, luminousness, lurid, lustrous, nacreous, nitid, noctilucent, opalescent, opaline, pearlescent, polished, radiant, refulgent [literary], reverberant, satiny, scintillant, scintillating, self-luminous, sheeny, shimmery, shining, shiny, silken, silklike, silky, silver, silvern, silvery, sleek, slick, sparkly, twinkling

Antonym: dull

Encyclopedia: Bright, Richard