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Adjective: colourful  'kú-lu(r),fûl or 'kú-lu(r)-ful
Usage: Brit, Cdn (US: colorful)
  1. Having much or varied colour
    "colourful autumn leaves";
    - colorful [US]
  2. Striking in variety and interest
    "a colourful period of history"; "colourful language";
    - colorful [US]
  3. Having colour or a certain colour; sometimes used in combination
    "colourful crepe paper";
    - colored [US], coloured [Brit, Cdn], colorful [US]

See also: ablaze, bay, bichrome, bicolor [US], bicolored [US], bicolour [Brit, Cdn], bicoloured [Brit, Cdn], black, blackened, blue-flowered, brave, braw [UK, dialect], bright, brightly-colored [US], brightly-coloured [Brit, Cdn], brilliant, buff-colored [US], buff-coloured [Brit, Cdn], calico, changeable, chatoyant, chestnut-colored [US], chestnut-coloured [Brit, Cdn], chocolate-colored [US], chocolate-coloured [Brit, Cdn], chromatic, cinnamon colored [US], cinnamon coloured, cinnamon-colored, cinnamon-coloured [Brit, Cdn], cinnamon-red, color [US], coloring [US], colour [Brit, Cdn], colouring [Brit, Cdn], cream, cream-colored [US], cream-coloured [Brit, Cdn], creamy-colored [US], creamy-coloured [Brit, Cdn], creamy-white, crimson, dark-colored [US], dark-coloured [Brit, Cdn], deep, dichromatic, dun-colored [US], dun-coloured [Brit, Cdn], dusky-colored [US], dusky-coloured [Brit, Cdn], fawn-colored [US], fawn-coloured [Brit, Cdn], flame-colored [US], flame-coloured [Brit, Cdn], flashy, flesh-colored [US], flesh-coloured [Brit, Cdn], fluorescent, flushed, garnet-colored [US], garnet-coloured [Brit, Cdn], gaudy, gay, ginger, ginger-haired, gingery, gold-colored [US], gold-coloured [Brit, Cdn], honey-colored [US], honey-coloured [Brit, Cdn], indigo, iridescent, jazzy, lead-colored [US], lead-coloured [Brit, Cdn], liver, liver-colored [US], liver-coloured [Brit, Cdn], many-sided, metal-colored [US], metal-coloured [Brit, Cdn], metallic-colored [US], metallic-coloured [Brit, Cdn], monochromatic, monochrome, monochromic, monochromous, motley, multicolor [US], multi-color [US], multicolored [US], multi-colored [US], multicolour [Brit, Cdn], multi-colour [Brit, Cdn], multicoloured [Brit, Cdn], multi-coloured [Brit, Cdn], neutral-colored [US], neutral-coloured [Brit, Cdn], noisy, olive-colored [US], olive-coloured [Brit, Cdn], orange-colored [US], orange-coloured [Brit, Cdn], orange-flowered, orange-hued, painted, pale-colored [US], pale-coloured [Brit, Cdn], pale-hued, particolored [US], particoloured [Brit, Cdn], pastel-colored [US], pastel-coloured [Brit, Cdn], peach-colored [US], peach-coloured [Brit, Cdn], picturesque, piebald, pied, polychromatic, polychrome, polychromic, prismatic, psychedelic, purple-flowered, red, reddened, red-faced, red-flowered, rich, roan, rose-colored [US], rose-coloured [Brit, Cdn], rosy-colored [US], rosy-coloured [Brit, Cdn], rust-colored [US], rust-coloured [Brit, Cdn], shot, showy, shrill, silver-colored [US], silver-coloured [Brit, Cdn], sporty, straw-colored [US], straw-coloured [Brit, Cdn], tawny-colored [US], tawny-coloured [Brit, Cdn], trichromatic, trichrome, tricolor [US], tricolour [Brit, Cdn], varicolored [US], varicoloured [Brit, Cdn], vibrant, violet-colored [US], violet-coloured [Brit, Cdn], violet-flowered, violet-purple, vivid, vividness

Antonym: colorless [US]

Encyclopedia: Colourful