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Noun: stomach (stomachs)  stú-muk
  1. An enlarged and muscular saclike organ of the alimentary canal; the principal organ of digestion
    - tummy [informal], tum, breadbasket
  2. The region of the body of a vertebrate between the thorax and the pelvis
    - abdomen, venter, belly
  3. An inclination or liking for things involving conflict or difficulty or unpleasantness
    "he had no stomach for a fight"
  4. An appetite for food
    "exercise gave him a good stomach for dinner"
Verb: stomach  stú-muk
  1. Bear to eat
    "He cannot stomach raw fish"
  2. Put up with something or somebody unpleasant
    "The new secretary had to stomach a lot of unprofessional remarks";
    - digest, endure, stick out, bear, stand, tolerate, support, brook, abide, suffer, put up

Derived forms: stomaching, stomachs, stomached, stomaches

Type of: allow, appetence, appetency, appetite, body part, countenance, digest, inclination, internal organ, let, permit, viscus

Part of: alimentary canal, alimentary tract, body, digestive tract, digestive tube, gastrointestinal tract, GI tract, torso, trunk

Encyclopedia: Stomach