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Adjective: displeased  ,dis'pleezd
  1. Not pleased; experiencing or manifesting displeasure
    "He was displeased by her staying at home"
Verb: displease  dis'pleez
  1. Give displeasure to
    "Have you done anything to displease him by asking him why he has done so?"

See also: aggrieved, annoyed, brassed off [Brit, informal], browned off [Brit, informal], cheesed off [Brit, informal], discontent, discontented, disgusted, exasperated, fed up, frowning, hacked off [Brit, informal], injured, irritated, miffed [informal], nettled, offended, pained, peeved, pissed [informal], riled, roiled, sick, sick of, steamed [informal], stung, tired of

Antonym: please, pleased

Encyclopedia: Displeased