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Adjective: injured  in-ju(r)d
  1. Harmed
    "injured soldiers"
  2. Emotionally hurt, upset or annoyed
    "injured feelings";
    - offended, pained, aggrieved
Verb: injure  in-ju(r)
  1. Cause injuries or bodily harm to
    - wound
  2. Cause (somebody) emotional pain or offence
    - hurt, wound, bruise, offend, spite
  3. Cause damage or affect negatively
    - hurt

See also: battle-scarred, black-and-blue, broken, damaged, disjointed, dislocated, displeased, eviscerate, hurt, impaired, lacerate, lacerated, livid, mangled, raw, separated, torn, unsound, wounded

Type of: arouse, damage, elicit, enkindle [literary], evoke, fire, hurt, kindle, provoke, raise

Antonym: uninjured

Encyclopedia: Injured