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Verb: offend  u'fend
  1. Cause to feel resentment or indignation
    "Her tactless remark offended me";
    - pique
  2. Act in disregard of laws, rules, contracts, or promises
    "offend all laws of humanity";
    - transgress, infract, violate, go against, breach, break
  3. Strike with disgust or revulsion
    "The scandalous behaviour of this married woman offended her friends";
    - shock, scandalize, scandalise [Brit], appal [Brit, Cdn], appall [US], outrage
  4. Cause (somebody) emotional pain or offence
    - hurt, wound, injure, bruise, spite

Derived forms: offended, offending, offends

Type of: anger, arouse, disgust, disrespect, elicit, enkindle [literary], evoke, fire, kindle, nauseate, provoke, raise, revolt, sicken

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