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Adjective: emotional  i'mow-shu-nul
  1. Determined or actuated by emotion rather than reason
    "it was an emotional judgment"
  2. Of more than usual emotion
    "his behaviour was highly emotional"
  3. Of or pertaining to emotion
    "emotional health"; "an emotional crisis"
  4. (of persons) excessively affected by emotion
    "he would become emotional over nothing at all";
    - aroused, excited, worked up

See also: affected, affectional, affective, agitated, bathetic, cathartic, charged, cheesy [informal], corny [informal], cutesy [informal], drippy [informal], emotionalism, emotionality, emotive, funky [informal], gooey [informal], het up [informal], hokey [N. Amer, informal], hot-blooded, kitschy, little, low-down, lyric, lyrical, maudlin, mawkish, mind-blowing, moody, moved, moving, mushy [informal], overemotional, passionate, releasing, sappy [informal], schmaltzy [informal], schmalzy [informal], sentimental, sloppy, slushy [informal], soppy [Brit, informal], soulful, soupy [informal], stirred, supercharged, temperamental, touched, warm, warm-toned, weepy [informal], wrought-up

Antonym: intellectual, unemotional

Encyclopedia: Emotional