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Adjective: eviscerate  i'vi-su,reyt
  1. Having been disembowelled
Verb: eviscerate  i'vi-su,reyt
  1. (medicine) surgically remove a part of a structure or an organ
    - resect
  2. (medicine) remove the contents of
    "eviscerate the stomach"
  3. Remove the entrails of
    "eviscerate a chicken";
    - disembowel, draw, embowel [archaic]
  4. Take away a vital or essential part of
    "the compromise among the parties eviscerated the bill that had been proposed"

Derived forms: eviscerated, eviscerates, eviscerating

See also: injured

Type of: devitalise [Brit], devitalize, empty, remove, take, take away, withdraw

Encyclopedia: Eviscerate