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Verb: chuck  chúk
  1. Throw carelessly
    "chuck the ball";
    - toss
  2. Throw away
    "Chuck these old notes";
    - ditch
  3. Touch or squeeze fondly or playfully
    - pat
  4. Eject the contents of the stomach through the mouth
    "After drinking too much, the students chucked";
    - vomit, vomit up, purge, cast, sick, cat, be sick, disgorge, regorge, retch, barf, spew, spue [archaic], upchuck [N. Amer], honk, regurgitate, throw up, vom [informal], keck, hurl, chuck up [Brit], boke [UK, dialect], chunder [Brit], boak [UK, dialect]
  5. [Brit] Rain heavily
    "Put on your rain coat-- it's chucking outside!";
    - pour, pelt, stream, rain cats and dogs, rain buckets, bucket [Brit], teem, tip [Brit], chuck it down [Brit]
Noun: chuck  chúk
  1. The part of a forequarter from the neck to the ribs and including the shoulder blade
    - chuck steak
  2. A holding device consisting of adjustable jaws that centre a workpiece in a lathe or centre a tool in a drill
  3. [Brit] The termination of someone's employment (leaving them free to depart)
    - dismissal, dismission, discharge, firing, liberation, release, sack, sacking, severance, heave-ho
  4. [UK, dialect] A friend or close acquaintance
    "Are you alright, chuck?"
  5. [N. Amer] Informal term for a meal
    - chow, eats, grub

Derived forms: chucked, chucks, chucking

Type of: abandon, caress, conclusion, cut of beef, egest, eliminate, ending, excrete, fare, fondle, holding device, pass, rain, rain down, termination, throw, wing

Part of: drill, electric drill, lathe, side of beef

Encyclopedia: Chuck