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Verb: pat (patted,patting)  pat
  1. Touch or squeeze fondly or playfully
    - chuck
  2. Hit lightly
    "pat him on the shoulder";
    - dab
Noun: pat  pat
  1. The sound made by a gentle blow
    - rap, tap
  2. A light touch or stroke
    - tap, dab
Adjective: pat  pat
  1. Having only superficial plausibility
    "pat promises";
    - glib, slick
  2. Exactly suited to the occasion
    "a pat reply"
Adverb: pat  pat
  1. Completely or perfectly
    "he has the lesson pat"; "had the system down pat"

Derived forms: patted, patting, pats

See also: appropriate, plausible

Type of: caress, fondle, sound, strike, touch, touching

Encyclopedia: Pat, Jerusalem