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Verb: bring down  bring dawn
  1. Move something down to a less high position
    "bring down the vase from the shelf";
    - lower, take down, let down, get down
  2. Cause the downfall of; of rulers
    "bring down the ruling class";
    - overthrow, subvert, overturn
  3. Make (someone) do something unpleasant
    "The principal brought down his rage on the students";
    - inflict, visit, impose, obtrude
  4. (air travel) cause to come to the ground
    "the pilot managed to bring down the aeroplane safely";
    - land, put down
  5. Cause to be enthusiastic
    "Her playing brought down the house"
  6. Make a reduction in, cut down on
    "bring down your daily fat intake";
    - reduce, cut down, cut back, trim, trim down, trim back, cut

Derived forms: brought down, bringing down, brings down

See also: convey

Type of: arrive, come, communicate, decrease, depose, displace, enthuse, force out, get, intercommunicate, lessen, minify, move