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Verb: bring out  bring awt
  1. Make manifest
    "Summer brings out bright clothes"; "He brings out the best in her";
    - unveil, reveal
  2. Prepare and issue for public distribution or sale
    "bring out a magazine or newspaper";
    - publish, put out, issue, release
  3. Bring out of a specific state
    - let out
  4. Direct attention to, as if by means of contrast
    - set off
  5. Bring onto the market or release
    "bring out a book";
    - produce, bring on
  6. Encourage to be less reserved
    "The teacher tried to bring out the shy boy"
  7. Take out of a container or enclosed space
    "bring out your best dress--we are going to a party!";
    - get out
  8. Bring before the public for the first time, as of an actor, song, etc.
    - introduce
  9. Make known to the public information that was previously known only to a few people or that was meant to be kept a secret
    "bring out the truth";
    - unwrap, disclose, let on, reveal, discover, expose, divulge, break, give away, let out, uncover, lay bare

Derived forms: brought out, bringing out, brings out

Type of: accent, accentuate, acquaint, air, bare, emphasise [Brit], emphasize, encourage, introduce, let go, let go of, present, publicise [Brit], publicize, punctuate, release, relinquish, show, stress, take out, tell, unpack