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Adjective: bare (barer,barest)  behr
  1. Having no clothes on the body
    "bare bodies";
    - au naturel, naked, nude
  2. Lacking in magnitude or quantity
    "a bare livelihood";
    - scanty, spare
  3. Just barely adequate or within a lower limit
    "a bare majority";
    - marginal
  4. Apart from anything else; without additions or modifications
    "only the bare facts";
    - mere, simple
  5. Lacking a surface finish such as paint
    "bare wood";
    - unfinished
  6. Providing no shelter or sustenance
    "bare rocky hills";
    - barren, bleak, desolate, stark
  7. Having everything extraneous removed including contents
    "the cupboard was bare"; "the bare walls";
    - stripped
  8. Lacking embellishment or ornamentation
    "a bare hair style";
    - plain, spare, unembellished, unornamented
  9. Not having a protective covering
    "a bare blade";
    - unsheathed
  10. Lacking its natural or customary covering
    "a bare hill"; "bare feet"
Verb: bare  behr
  1. Make visible, allow others to see
    "bare your breasts"; "bare your feelings"
  2. Make public
    "She bared her opinions on welfare";
    - publicize, publicise [Brit], air
  3. Remove or clear everything so that nothing is left
    - denude, denudate, strip

Sounds like: bear

Derived forms: barer, bares, barest, bared, baring

See also: bald, denudate, denuded, empty, inhospitable, meager [N. Amer], meagerly [N. Amer], meagre [Brit, Cdn], meagrely [Brit, Cdn], naked, narrow, plain, scrimpy, stingy [informal], unadorned, unclothed, undecorated, undraped, unpainted, unroofed

Type of: clear, expose, tell, uncover

Antonym: covered

Encyclopedia: Bare, Posušje