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Adjective: bald (balder,baldest)  bold
  1. With no effort to conceal
    "a bald lie";
    - barefaced
  2. Lacking hair on all or most of the scalp
    "a bald pate"; "a bald-headed gentleman"; "a bald-pated pate";
    - bald-headed, bald-pated
  3. Without the natural or usual covering
    "a bald spot on the lawn";
    - denuded, denudate
Verb: bald  bold
  1. Grow bald; lose hair on one's head
    "He is balding already"

Sounds like: bawled, balled

Derived forms: balding, baldest, balds, balder, balded

See also: bare, hairless, open, overt

Type of: grow, turn

Encyclopedia: Bald, Robert