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Noun: magnitude  'mag-ni,t(y)ood
  1. The property of relative size or extent (whether large or small)
    "they tried to predict the magnitude of the explosion"; "about the magnitude of a small pea"
  2. A number assigned to the ratio of two quantities; two quantities are of the same order of magnitude if one is less than 10 times as large as the other; the number of magnitudes that the quantities differ is specified to within a power of 10
    - order of magnitude
  3. Relative importance
    "a problem of the first magnitude"
  4. (astronomy) the brightness of a star or other object, measured on a logarithmic scale where smaller numbers represent brighter objects; a difference of 5 magnitudes corresponds to a factor of 100 in intensity

Derived forms: magnitudes

See also: measurable, mensurable

Type of: importance, property, ratio

Encyclopedia: Magnitude