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Noun: shelter  shel-tu(r)
  1. A structure that provides privacy and protection from danger
  2. Protective covering that provides protection from the weather
  3. The condition of being protected
    "they were huddled together for shelter";
    - protection
  4. A way of organizing business to reduce the taxes it must pay on current earnings
    - tax shelter
  5. Temporary housing for homeless or displaced persons
Verb: shelter  shel-tu(r)
  1. Provide shelter for
    "After the earthquake, the government could not provide shelter for the thousands of homeless people"
  2. Invest (money) so that it is not taxable
  3. Stay in a building or location protected from danger or bad weather
    "we sheltered under a tree";
    - take cover, take refuge

Derived forms: sheltered, sheltering, shelters

Type of: commit, construction, decrease, diminution, furnish, housing, invest, living accommodations, lodging, offer, place, protection, protective cover, protective covering, provide, put, reduction, render, security, step-down, structure, supply

Encyclopedia: Shelter