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Verb: organize  'or-gu,nIz
  1. Create (as an entity)
    "social groups organize everywhere";
    - form, organise [Brit]
  2. Cause to be structured or ordered or operating according to some principle or idea
    - organise [Brit]
  3. Plan and control how a complex undertaking is done
    "he organized the robbery";
    - mastermind, engineer, direct, organise [Brit], orchestrate
  4. Bring order and organization to
    "Can you help me organize my files?";
    - organise [Brit], coordinate
  5. Arrange by systematic planning and united effort
    "organize a strike";
    - organise [Brit], prepare, devise, get up, machinate
  6. Form or join a union
    "The auto workers decided to organize";
    - unionize, unionise [Brit], organise [Brit]

Derived forms: organized, organizes, organizing

Type of: arrange, care, create, deal, fall in, get together, handle, initiate, join, make, manage, pioneer, plan, set up

Antonym: disorganise [Brit]

Encyclopedia: Organize