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Noun: post  powst
  1. An upright consisting of a piece of timber or metal fixed firmly in an upright position
    "he set a row of posts in the ground and strung barbwire between them"
  2. A pole set up to mark something (as the start or end of a race track)
    "a pair of posts marked the goal";
    - stake
  3. [Brit] Any particular collection of letters or packages that is delivered
    "is there any post for me?"; "she was opening her post";
    - mail
  4. The position where someone (as a guard or sentry) stands or is assigned to stand
    "a soldier manned the entrance post";
    - station
  5. (military) military installation at which a body of troops is stationed
    "this military post provides an important source of income for the town nearby"; "there is an officer's club on the post";
    - military post
  6. A job in an organization
    "he occupied a post in the treasury";
    - position, berth, office, place, situation
  7. A message on a social media website
  8. [Brit] The system whereby messages are transmitted via the post office
    "the post handles billions of items every day";
    - mail, mail service, postal service
  9. The delivery and collection of letters and packages
    "it came by the first post"; "if you hurry you'll catch the post"
  10. A message on an internet discussion forum, blog, newsgroup, mailing list, etc.
    - posting
Verb: post  powst
  1. [Brit] Send via the postal service
    - mail
  2. To post a message on a social media website
  3. Publish (a blog, message, advert, etc.) on the internet
  4. Affix in a public place or for public notice
    "post a warning"
  5. Publicize with, or as if with, a poster
    "I'll post the news on the bulletin board"
  6. Assign to a post; put into a post
    "The newspaper posted him in Timbuktu"
  7. Assign to a particular location
    - station, send, place
  8. Display, as of records in sports games
  9. Enter on a public list
  10. Transfer (entries) from one account book to another
    - carry
  11. (riding) ride Western style and bob up and down in the saddle in rhythm with a horse's trotting gait
  12. Mark with a stake
    "post out the path";
    - stake
  13. Place so as to be noticed
    "post a warning at the dump"; "post a sign";
    - put up
  14. [Brit] Give to a courier to take to another place
    "I'll post you the paper when it's written";
    - mail, send
  15. Mark or expose as infamous
    "She was posted a loose woman";
    - brand
Prefix: post-  powst
  1. After, later
Noun: Post
  1. United States manufacturer of breakfast cereals and Postum (1854-1914)
    - C. W. Post, Charles William Post
  2. United States female author who wrote a book and a syndicated newspaper column on etiquette (1872-1960)
    - Emily Post, Emily Price Post
  3. United States aviator who in 1933 made the first solo flight around the world (1899-1935)
    - Wiley Post

Derived forms: posted, posts, posting

See also: posted

Type of: accumulation, aeronaut, affix, aggregation, airman, announce, assemblage, assign, author, aviator, bringing, business, call, collection, communicating, communication, delegate, delivery, denote, depute, designate, displace, enter, flier, flyer, food manufacturer, informing, instal, install, job, line, line of work, list, making known, mark, military installation, move, occupation, place, position, put down, put in, record, ride horseback, send, send out, set up, stick on, transfer, upright, vertical, visual signal, writer

Encyclopedia: Post, Peter