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Verb: deliver  di'li-vu(r)
  1. Bring to a destination, make a delivery
    "our local super market delivers"
  2. Express clearly or formally in words (a speech, oration, or idea)
    - present
  3. To surrender someone or something to another
    "the guard delivered the criminal to the police";
    - hand over, turn in, render
  4. Free from harm or evil
    - rescue
  5. Hand over to the authorities of another country
    "They delivered the fugitive to his native country so he could be tried there";
    - extradite, deport
  6. Pass down
    "deliver a judgment";
    - render, return
  7. Utter (an exclamation, noise, etc.)
    "The students delivered a cry of joy"
  8. (religion) Prevent committing sins
    - redeem, save
  9. Carry out or perform
    "deliver an attack";
    - drive home
  10. Relinquish possession or control over
    "The squatters had to deliver the building after the police moved in";
    - surrender, cede, give up
  11. Throw or hurl from the mound to the batter, as in baseball
    "The pitcher delivered the ball";
    - pitch
  12. Cause to be born
    "My wife delivered twins yesterday!";
    - give birth, bear, birth, have

Derived forms: delivers, delivered, delivering

Type of: bring, bring forth, bring through, carry through, communicate, convey, emit, expel, fetch, get, gift, give, hand, kick out [informal], let loose, let out, mouth, pass, pass along, pass on, present, produce, pull through, put across, reach, save, speak, talk, throw, throw out, turn over, utter, verbalise [Brit], verbalize, wing

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