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Noun: sin  sin
  1. Estrangement from god
    - sinfulness, wickedness
  2. An act that is regarded by theologians as a transgression of God's will
    - sinning
  3. Ratio of the length of the side opposite the given angle to the length of the hypotenuse of a right-angled triangle
    - sine
  4. The 21st letter of the Hebrew alphabet
Verb: sin (sinned,sinning)  sin
  1. Commit a sin; violate a law of God or a moral law
    - transgress, trespass
  2. Commit a faux pas or a fault or make a serious mistake
    "I sinned during the job interview";
    - drop the ball, blunder, boob [informal], goof [informal]
Noun: SIN
  1. In Canada, the 9-digit number used to identify an individual, usually for taxation purposes
    - social insurance number
Noun: Sin  seen
  1. (Akkadian) god of the Moon; counterpart of Sumerian Nanna

Derived forms: sinning, sins, sinned

Type of: alphabetic character, breach, break, circular function, evildoing, go against, infract, letter, letter of the alphabet, offend, Semitic deity, transgress, transgression, trigonometric function, unrighteousness, violate

Part of: Hebraic alphabet, Hebrew alphabet, Hebrew script

Encyclopedia: Sin, Sorrow, and Sadness