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Noun: troops  troops
  1. (military) soldiers collectively
    "he feared the rallying of their troops for a counterattack";
    - military personnel, soldiery
Noun: troop  troop
  1. A group of soldiers
  2. A cavalry unit corresponding to an infantry company
  3. A unit of Girl or Boy Scouts
    - scout troop, scout group
  4. An orderly crowd
    "a troop of children";
    - flock
Verb: troop  troop
  1. March in a procession in a public place
    "the veterans trooped down the street";
    - parade, promenade
  2. Move or march as if in a crowd
    "They children trooped into the room"

Sounds like: troop, ttroops, t

Type of: army unit, crowd, force, march, personnel, process, social unit, unit

Part of: army unit, cavalry

Encyclopedia: Troops

Troop, Nicholas