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Adverb: altogether  ,ol-tu'ge-dhu(r)
  1. To a complete degree or to the full or entire extent
    "it was not altogether her fault"; "an altogether new approach";
    - wholly, entirely, completely, totally, all, whole, totes [informal]
  2. With everything included or counted
    "altogether he earns close to a million dollars";
    - all told, in all
  3. With everything considered (and neglecting details)
    "altogether, I'm sorry it happened";
    - all in all, on the whole, tout ensemble
Noun: altogether  ,ol-tu'ge-dhu(r)
  1. Informal term for nakedness
    "in the altogether";
    - raw, birthday suit

Sounds like: all together

Derived forms: altogethers

Type of: nakedness, nudeness, nudity

Encyclopedia: Altogether