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Adjective: asleep  u'sleep
  1. In a state of sleep
    "were all asleep when the phone rang"; "fell asleep at the wheel";
    - sleeping
  2. Lacking sensation
    "my foot is asleep";
    - benumbed, numb
  3. Dead
    "he is asleep";
    - at peace, at rest, deceased, departed, gone
Adverb: asleep  u'sleep
  1. Into a sleeping state
    "he fell asleep"
  2. In the sleep of death

See also: at rest, dead, dead to the world [informal], dopey, dopy, dormant, dozy, drowsing, drowsy, fast asleep, hibernating, hypnoid, incognisant [Brit], incognizant, insensible, sleepy, sleepy-eyed, sleepyheaded, slumberous, slumbery [archaic], slumbrous, somnolent, sound asleep, torpid, unawakened, unaware, unconscious

Antonym: awake

Encyclopedia: Asleep