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Adjective: awake  u'weyk
  1. Not in a state of sleep; completely conscious
    "lay awake thinking about his new job"; "still not fully awake"
  2. Mentally perceptive and responsive
    "awake to the dangers of her situation"; "was now awake to the reality of his predicament";
    - alert, alive, on the ball
Verb: awake (awoke,awoken)  u'weyk
  1. Stop sleeping
    "She awoke to the sound of the alarm clock";
    - wake up, arouse, awaken, wake, come alive, waken
  2. To start, excite or to stir up something
    "his talk awoke my interest in the subject"

Derived forms: awoke, awakes, awoken, awaking

See also: alert, astir, awakened, aware, cognisant [Brit], cognizant, conscious, insomniac, sleepless, unsleeping, up, wakeful, waking, watchful, wide-awake

Type of: change state, turn

Antonym: asleep

Encyclopedia: Awake, My Soul, and With the Sun