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Noun: authority  u'thor-u-tee or o'thó-ru-tee [N. Amer], o'thó-ru-tee or u'thó-ru-tee [Brit]
  1. The power or right to give orders or make decisions
    "he has the authority to issue warrants";
    - authorization, authorisation [Brit], potency, dominance, say-so
  2. (usually plural) persons who exercise (administrative) control over others
    "the authorities have issued a curfew"
  3. An expert whose views are taken as definitive
    "he is an authority on corporate law"
  4. Freedom from doubt; belief in yourself and your abilities
    "she spoke with authority";
    - assurance, self-assurance, confidence, self-confidence, sureness
  5. An administrative unit of government
    "Tennessee Valley Authority";
    - agency, federal agency, government agency, bureau, office
  6. Official permission or approval
    "authority for the program was renewed several times";
    - authorization, authorisation [Brit], sanction, clearance
  7. An authoritative written work
    "this book is the final authority on the life of Milton"

Derived forms: authorities

See also: certain, incertain [non-standard], sure, uncertain, unsure

Type of: administrative body, administrative unit, book, certainty, control, expert, individual, mortal, permission, person, somebody, someone, soul

Encyclopedia: Authority, Civil