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Adjective: mortal  mor-t(u)l
  1. Causing or capable of causing death
    "mortal combat"; "a mortal illness";
    - deadly, deathly
  2. Subject to death
    "mortal beings"
  3. (theology) involving loss of divine grace or spiritual death
    "the seven mortal sins";
    - deadly
  4. Unrelenting and deadly
    "mortal enemy"
Noun: mortal  mor-t(u)l
  1. A human being
    "there was too much for one mortal to do";
    - person, individual, someone, somebody, soul

Derived forms: mortals

See also: earthborn, earthly, fatal, finite, irremissible, killing, merciless, unmerciful, unpardonable

Type of: being, causal agency, causal agent, cause, organism

Antonym: immortal

Part of: people

Encyclopedia: Mortal