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Adjective: bittersweet  'bi-tu(r)'sweet
  1. Tinged with sadness
    "a movie with a bittersweet ending"
  2. Having a taste that is a mixture of bitterness and sweetness
    - semisweet
Noun: bittersweet  'bi-tu(r)'sweet
  1. Poisonous perennial Old World vine having violet flowers and oval coral-red berries; widespread weed in North America
    - bittersweet nightshade, climbing nightshade, deadly nightshade, poisonous nightshade, woody nightshade, Solanum dulcamara
  2. Twining shrub of North America having yellow capsules enclosing scarlet seeds
    - American bittersweet, climbing bittersweet, false bittersweet, staff vine, waxwork, shrubby bittersweet, Celastrus scandens

Derived forms: bittersweets

See also: sad, tasty

Type of: nightshade, vine

Part of: Celastrus, genus Celastrus, genus Solanum, Solanum

Encyclopedia: Bittersweet