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Adjective: blemished  ble-misht
  1. Marred by imperfections
  2. Having a blemish or flaw
    "a blemished diamond";
    - flawed
Verb: blemish  ble-mish
  1. Mar or spoil the appearance of
    "scars blemished her cheeks";
    - deface, disfigure
  2. Mar or impair with a flaw
    "her face was blemished";
    - spot
  3. Add a flaw or blemish to; make imperfect or defective
    - flaw

See also: acned, blebbed, blebby, blotchy, damaged, flyblown, imperfect, marred, pimpled, pimply, pocked, pockmarked, pustulate, scarred

Type of: begrime, bemire [archaic], colly [archaic], damage, deflower, dirty, grime, impair, mar, pollute, soil, spoil, vitiate

Antonym: unblemished

Encyclopedia: Blemish