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Adjective: blunted  blún-tid
  1. Made dull or blunt
    - dulled
Verb: blunt  blúnt
  1. Make less intense
    "blunted emotions"
  2. Make numb or insensitive
    "The shock blunted her senses";
    - numb, benumb, dull
  3. Make dull or blunt
    "Too much cutting blunts the knife's edge";
    - dull
  4. Make less sharp
    "blunt the knives"
  5. Make less lively, intense, or vigorous; impair in vigour, force, activity, or sensation
    "Terror blunted her feelings";
    - deaden

See also: dull

Type of: alter, change, desensitise [Brit], desensitize, modify, weaken

Encyclopedia: Blunt, Richard