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Noun: Bos
  1. Wild and domestic cattle; in some classifications placed in the subfamily Bovinae or tribe Bovini
    - genus Bos
Noun: bo
Usage: US, informal
  1. An informal form of address for a man
    - fellow, dude [informal], buster [informal], cock [Brit, informal], bruv [UK, informal], matey [Brit, informal], bro [US, informal]

Type of: adult male, bozo [N. Amer, informal], cat [N. Amer, informal], chappie [Brit, informal], geezer [Brit, informal], guy [informal], hombre [Brit, N. Amer, informal], mammal genus, man, sod [informal]

Part of: Bovidae, family Bovidae

Encyclopedia: Bos, Mark

Bo, Nordland