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Noun: sod  sód
  1. Surface layer of ground containing a mat of grass and grass roots
    - turf, sward, greensward
  2. [informal] An adult person who is male (as opposed to a woman)
    "the poor sod couldn't even buy a drink";
    - man, adult male, geezer [Brit, informal], guy [informal], cat [N. Amer, informal], hombre [Brit, N. Amer, informal], bozo [N. Amer, informal], chappie [Brit, informal]
  3. [Brit, informal] A person who is deemed to be despicable or contemptible
    - rotter [Brit, informal], dirty dog [informal], rat [informal], skunk [informal], stinker [informal], stinkpot [N. Amer, informal], bum [N. Amer, informal], crumb [N. Amer, informal], lowlife [informal], scumbag [informal], so-and-so [informal], git [Brit, informal], scumbag [informal], sleazebucket [informal], toad [informal], scuzz [N. Amer, informal], sleazeball [informal], toerag [Brit, informal], sleazebag [informal], swine [informal], ratbag [Brit, informal], scuzzball [N. Amer, informal], scuzzbag [N. Amer, informal], scuzzbucket [N. Amer, informal], slimebag [informal], dirtbag [US, informal], slimeball [informal]
Verb: sod (sodded,sodding)  sód
  1. Cover with sod
Interjection: sod  sód
Usage: vulgar
  1. Exclamation of annoyance
    - blast, bother [Brit], botheration, bummer [informal], curses, dang [N. Amer, informal], damn, damnation, dammit [informal], damn it [informal], darn [informal], dash [Brit, informal], durn [US, dialect], drat [informal], hang [informal], tarnation [N. Amer, informal], shoot [N. Amer, informal]
Noun: SOD
  1. An enzyme that catalyses the conversion of superoxide into hydrogen peroxide and oxygen
    "oxygen free radicals are normally removed in our bodies by the SOD enzymes";
    - superoxide dismutase

Derived forms: sods, sodding, sodded

Type of: adult, cover, disagreeable person, enzyme, ground, grownup, land, male, male person, soil, unpleasant person

Encyclopedia: Sod, West Virginia