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Noun: blast  blãst
  1. A strong current of air
    "the tree was bent almost double by the blast";
    - gust, blow
  2. A sudden very loud noise
    - bang, clap, eruption, bam
  3. An explosion (as of dynamite)
  4. A highly pleasurable or exciting experience
    "celebrating after the game was a blast";
    - good time, craic [Ireland], crack [Ireland]
  5. Intense adverse criticism
    "he published an unexpected blast on my work";
    - fire, attack, flak, flack
Verb: blast  blãst
  1. Make a strident sound
    "She tended to blast when speaking into a microphone";
    - blare
  2. Hit hard
    "He blasted a 3-run homer";
    - smash, nail, boom
  3. Use explosives on
    "The enemy has been blasting us all day";
    - shell
  4. Blow a strong draft or wind
    "the air conditioning was blasting cold air at us"
  5. Create by using explosives
    "blast a passage through the mountain";
    - shell
  6. Make with or as if with an explosion
    "blast a tunnel through the Alps"
  7. Fire a shot
    "the gunman blasted away";
    - shoot
  8. Criticize harshly or violently
    "The press blasted the new President";
    - savage, pillory, crucify
  9. Shatter as if by explosion
    - knock down
  10. Shrivel, wither or mature imperfectly
Interjection: blast  blãst
  1. Exclamation of annoyance
    - bother [Brit], botheration, bummer, curses, dang [N. Amer], damn, damnation, dammit, damn it, darn, dash [Brit], durn [US, dialect], drat, hang, tarnation [N. Amer], shoot [N. Amer]

Derived forms: blasts, blasting, blasted

Type of: air current, blow, blowup, bomb, bombard, create, criticise [Brit], criticism, criticize, current of air, cut, damn, dash, detonation, discharge, experience, explosion, fire, hit, knock, make, make noise, noise, pick apart, resound, shrink, shrivel, shrivel up, smash, unfavorable judgment [US], unfavourable judgment [Brit, Cdn], wind, wither

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