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Noun: blowup  'blow,úp
  1. A violent release of energy caused by a chemical or nuclear reaction
    - explosion, detonation
  2. An unrestrained expression of emotion
    - effusion, gush, outburst, ebullition
  3. A photographic print that has been enlarged
    - enlargement, magnification
Adjective: blow-up  ,blow'úp
  1. Designed to be filled with air or gas
    - inflatable
Verb: blow up
  1. Cause to burst with a violent release of energy
    "We blew up the nuclear bomb";
    - explode, detonate, set off
  2. (photography) make appear larger; make a larger copy
    "blow up an image";
    - enlarge, magnify
  3. Get very angry and fly into a rage
    "The professor blew up when the student didn't know the answer to a very elementary question";
    - flip one's lid, throw a fit, hit the roof, hit the ceiling, have kittens, have a fit, combust, blow one's stack, fly off the handle, flip one's wig, lose one's temper, blow a fuse, go ballistic
  4. Make appear better or greater (in power, wealth, quality, etc.) than reality
    - embroider, pad, lard, embellish, aggrandize, aggrandise [Brit], dramatize, dramatise [Brit]
  5. Burst and release energy as through a violent chemical or physical reaction
    "the bomb blew up at noon";
    - detonate, explode
  6. Exaggerate or make bigger
    - inflate, expand, amplify
  7. Fill with gas or air
    "blow up a balloon";
    - inflate
  8. To swell or cause to enlarge
    "Her faced blew up from the drugs";
    - puff, puff up, puff out

Derived forms: blown up, blew up, blowups, blows up, blowing up

See also: expansive

Type of: amplify, change integrity, discharge, exaggerate, expand, exposure, expression, hyperbolise [Brit], hyperbolize, increase, intumesce, magnify, manifestation, overdraw, overstate, photo, photograph, pic [informal], piccy [informal], picture, puff, rage, reflection, reflexion [Brit], swell, swell up, tumefy, tumesce

Antonym: reduce

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Blow up