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Noun: male  meyl
  1. An animal that produces gametes (spermatozoa) that can fertilize female gametes (ova)
  2. A person who belongs to the sex that cannot have babies
    - male person
Adjective: male  meyl
  1. (biology) being the sex (of plant or animal) that produces gametes (spermatozoa) that perform the fertilizing function in generation
    "a male infant"; "a male holly tree"
  2. Characteristic of a man
    "a deep male voice";
    - manful, manlike, manly, virile
  3. For or pertaining to or composed of men or boys
    "the male lead"; "the male population"
  4. (of a mechanical part or electronic connector) fitting into a female part to form a connection
Noun: Male  maa-lee
  1. The capital of Maldives in the centre of the islands

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Derived forms: males

See also: antheral, gender, masculine, phallic, priapic, sex, sexuality, staminate, young-begetting

Type of: animal, animate being, beast, brute, creature, fauna, individual, mortal, national capital, person, somebody, someone, soul

Antonym: androgynous, female

Part of: Maldives, Republic of Maldives

Encyclopedia: Male, Mulshi