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Noun: bottom  bó-tum
  1. The lower side of anything
    - underside, undersurface, underneath
  2. The lowest part of anything
    "they started at the bottom of the hill"
  3. The fleshy part of the human body that you sit on
    "he deserves a good kick in the bottom";
    - buttocks, nates [technical], butt [N. Amer, informal], backside, bum [Brit, informal], buns [N. Amer, informal], can [N. Amer, informal], fundament, hindquarters, hind end, posterior, rear [informal], rear end [informal], rump, stern [informal], seat, tail [N. Amer, informal], tail end, tooshie [informal], tush [N. Amer, informal], behind, derriere, bahookie [UK, dialect, informal], botty [informal], heinie [US, informal], duff [N. Amer, informal], booty [N. Amer, informal], patootie [US, informal], tushy [N. Amer, informal], derrière
  4. The second half of an inning; while the home team is at bat
    - bottom of the inning
  5. A depression forming the ground under a body of water
    "he searched for treasure on the ocean bottom";
    - bed
  6. Low-lying alluvial land near a river
    - bottomland
  7. A cargo ship
    "they did much of their overseas trade in foreign bottoms";
    - freighter, merchantman, merchant ship
Verb: bottom  bó-tum
  1. (cabinetwork) provide with a bottom or a seat
    "bottom the chairs"
  2. Strike the ground, as with a ship's bottom
  3. Come to understand
    - penetrate, fathom
  4. Fall to or reach the lowest point or value
    "the market bottomed at a record low"
Adjective: bottom  bó-tum
  1. Situated at the bottom or lowest position
    "the bottom drawer"
  2. The lowest rank
    "bottom member of the class"

Derived forms: bottoms, bottoming, bottomed

See also: bottommost, inferior, lowermost, nether, nethermost, worst

Type of: body part, bout, cargo ship, cargo vessel, collide with, depression, face, furnish, ground, hit, impact, impinge on, land, natural depression, offer, part, provide, region, render, round, run into, side, soil, strike, supply, turn, understand

Antonym: side, top

Part of: body, frame, inning, torso, trunk

Encyclopedia: Bottom, North Carolina