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Adjective: busted  bús-tid
  1. Not in working order; not functioning
    "the coke machine is busted";
    - broken, rooted [Austral, NZ], knackered [Brit], on the blink, out of order, kaput, on the fritz [N. Amer]
Verb: bust (bust, also busted)  búst
  1. Ruin completely
    - break
  2. Search without warning, make a sudden surprise attack on
    "The police bust the crack house";
    - raid
  3. Separate or cause to separate abruptly
    "bust the paper";
    - tear, rupture, snap
  4. Go to pieces
    - break, wear, wear out, fall apart
  5. Break open or apart suddenly and forcefully
    - burst

See also: bust up, damaged

Type of: assail, attack, break, come apart, crumble, decay, destroy, dilapidate, disunite, divide, fall apart, part, ruin, separate, split up

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