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Adjective: functioning  fúngk-shu-ning
  1. Performing or able to perform its regular function
    "a functioning flashlight"
Noun: functioning  fúngk-shu-ning
  1. Process or manner of functioning or operating
    "the power of its engine determines its functioning";
    - operation, performance
Verb: function  fúngk-shun
  1. Perform as expected when applied
    "This old radio doesn't function anymore";
    - work, operate, go, run
  2. Act to fulfil a purpose, role, or function
    "The table functions as a desk";
    - serve
  3. Perform duties attached to a particular office, place or function
    "His wife functioned as his private secretary";
    - officiate

See also: functional, operative, running, up, working

Type of: answer, do, physical process, process, serve, suffice

Antonym: nonfunctional

Encyclopedia: Function