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Adjective: expected  ik'spek-tid
  1. Considered likely or probable to happen or arrive
    "prepared for the expected attack"
Verb: expect  ik'spekt
  1. Regard something as probable or likely
    "The meteorologists are expecting rain for tomorrow";
    - anticipate
  2. Consider obligatory; request and expect
    "I expect my students to arrive in time for their lessons";
    - ask, require
  3. Look forward to the probable occurrence of
    "We were expecting a visit from our relatives";
    - look, await, wait
  4. Consider reasonable or due
    "I'm expecting a full explanation as to why these files were destroyed"
  5. Look forward to the birth of a child
    "She is expecting in March"
  6. Be pregnant with
    "They are expecting another child in January";
    - have a bun in the oven, bear, carry, gestate

See also: anticipated, awaited, due, expectable, hoped-for, matter-of-course, unsurprising

Type of: bear, birth, consider, deliver, demand, evaluate, give birth, have, judge, pass judgment, reckon, regard, see, view

Antonym: unexpected

Encyclopedia: Expected