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Adjective: caudate  'ko,deyt
  1. (zoology) having a tail or taillike appendage
    - caudated
  2. (of a leaf shape) tapering gradually into a long taillike tip
Noun: caudate  'ko,deyt
  1. A tail-shaped basal ganglion located in a lateral ventricle of the brain
    - caudate nucleus
  2. Amphibians that resemble lizards
    - urodele

Derived forms: caudates

See also: bobtail, bobtailed, caudal, scaly-tailed, scissor-tailed, short-tailed, simple, square-tailed, stiff-tailed, swallow-tailed, tailed, taillike, tail-shaped, unsubdivided

Type of: amphibian, basal ganglion

Antonym: acaudal

Part of: Caudata, corpus striatum, order Caudata, order Urodella, striate body, striatum, Urodella

Encyclopedia: Caudate