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Noun: chinquapin  ching-ku-pin
  1. Shrubby tree closely related to the Allegheny chinkapin but with larger leaves; southern midwestern United States
    - Ozark chinkapin, Ozark chinquapin, Castanea ozarkensis
  2. Shrubby chestnut tree of southeastern United States having small edible nuts
    - Allegheny chinkapin, eastern chinquapin, dwarf chestnut, Castanea pumila
  3. Small nut of either of two small chestnut trees of the southern United States; resembles a hazelnut
    - chincapin, chinkapin

Derived forms: chinquapins

Type of: chestnut, chestnut tree, edible nut, nut

Part of: Castanea, genus Castanea

Encyclopedia: Chinquapin, North Carolina